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Join an 82-year-old Australian activist in shaping policies for social justice across climate, health, and more.


Welcome to “Social Justice Australia,” where advocacy meets action. As an 82-year-old activist from Brisbane, I have witnessed the transformation of our society through decades, influenced by neoliberal policies. This blog aims to reshape our political system and advocate for equitable access to quality housing, stable jobs, education, and healthcare for every Australian.

The Journey Towards a Fairer Society

Main Issues Impacting Social Justice:

1. Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
Australia faces severe environmental challenges, including bushfires, droughts, and coral bleaching. Aggressive renewable energy policies and conservation efforts are crucial to mitigating these impacts.

2. Economic Inequality and Job Security
The growing disparity between the rich and poor, coupled with job security concerns among youth, highlights the need for strengthened social safety nets and sustainable job creation.

3. Healthcare Accessibility
Despite a robust healthcare system, rural areas face significant accessibility issues. Increasing funding for remote services and investing in telehealth can bridge this gap.

4. Indigenous Rights and Reconciliation
Promoting equality and reconciliation policies is vital to ensuring Indigenous voices are included in decision-making processes.

5. Education and Training
Adapting skills for a changing job market is essential. Investing in vocational training and lifelong learning opportunities can address accessibility and quality concerns.

6. Housing Affordability
Policies to increase affordable housing supply and regulate the market are needed to address Australia’s housing affordability crisis.

7. Immigration and Multiculturalism
Foster inclusive policies and community programs to support the integration of immigrants into Australia’s multicultural society.

8. Mental Health
Increasing funding for mental health services and reducing stigma are essential steps in addressing mental health issues widely affecting Australians.


– What is Social Justice in Australia?
Social justice in Australia focuses on equitable treatment for all, addressing issues from Indigenous rights to economic inequality.

– What are the key issues in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social justice?
Key issues include addressing historical injustices and ensuring equal rights and opportunities.

– How does neoliberalism impact social justice in Australia?
Neoliberal policies have led to increased economic inequality and a more volatile job market, affecting overall social justice.

– What are the social justice principles in healthcare in Australia?
Social justice in healthcare involves equitable health outcomes, focusing on disparities in disease incidence and prevalence.

– How can individuals contribute to social justice in Australia?
Staying informed, participating in community and political processes, and advocating for fair policies are ways individuals can contribute.

– What are Australian values in the context of social justice?
Australian values include respect for individual freedom and dignity, freedom of religion, and non-discrimination.

About Me and My Blog’s Purpose

This blog is not just a collection of thoughts; it is a call to action and a platform for engaging discussions on the need for a fairer society. Through my experience administering Facebook pages, I’ve learned the power of digital platforms in driving social and political change. Join me in this journey of advocacy for change. Together, we can make a difference.

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