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Welcome to my journey of dedication, growth, and commitment to social justice and personal development. My path has been diverse, rich in experience, and deeply rooted in the desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Here’s a glimpse into my life’s work and the foundation of my expertise.

My Educational Journey

My academic journey began at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Carseldine, where I pursued a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) from March 1996 to January 2000, followed by a Master of Counselling from March 2000 to January 2003. These formative years laid the groundwork for my understanding of human behaviour and the complexities of societal interactions.
In June 2014, I expanded my skill set with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from Navitas Professional, furthering my ability to educate and empower others. My commitment to continuous learning led me to the University of Queensland (UQ) in May 2004, where I became a Level 4 Group Triple P Provider, specializing in the Positive Parenting Program.
Throughout the years, I’ve engaged in specialized training, including Marriage Counsellor Training at Anglican Family Care, CompassionPower Programs, Men’s Group Facilitation, and various workshops focused on reducing aggression, enhancing prosocial behaviours, and suicide intervention. These experiences have honed my skills in dealing with men’s issues, teaching anger management, addressing domestic violence, and counselling on sexual issues.

Professional Pathways

My professional journey began in 1956 as an apprentice Fitter at the Ipswich Railway Workshop in Queensland, marking the beginning of a decade-long period with Queensland Railway until 1966. This foundational experience instilled in me the values of hard work, precision, and the importance of contributing to the infrastructure that powers our community.
Seeking new challenges and opportunities, I ventured to Auckland, New Zealand, where I worked as a diesel mechanic for Cummins Diesel. This role expanded my technical expertise and allowed me to engage with cutting-edge diesel technology and machinery.
My journey then took me to the Manapouri Hydro-electric scheme, where I contributed to one of New Zealand’s most significant engineering projects. This experience not only broadened my technical skills but also deepened my appreciation for the role of sustainable energy in our future.
Returning to Australia, I continued my career on Koolan Island with Dampier Mining Company as a Leading Hand Fitter, further honing my leadership and technical skills. My next roles, including Foreman and Service Manager at Domtrac Equipment Ltd (New Zealand), Machine Shop Foreman at Suvic Engineering (New Zealand), and Maintenance Fitter at Queensland Glass Manufacturers Company, built upon this foundation, enhancing my abilities in supervision, customer relations, job costing, networking, and administration.
Transitioning to mental health and support services, I began a new chapter with Lifeline, the Men’s Information and Support Association, Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre, and in private practice as a PACFA registered professional counsellor. These roles have allowed me to directly affect individuals’ lives through counselling, workshops, and the development of online courses.

A Commitment to Social Justice

My dedication to social justice is the thread that weaves through my career and personal endeavours. Through my blog, Social Justice Australia  , I aim to share insights, foster discussions, and advocate for a society where everyone has access to quality mental health support, Quality Housing Australia, education, and the resources needed to thrive.

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I invite you to join me on this journey of advocacy, learning, and growth. Together, we can explore the depths of human experience and work towards a world of compassion, understanding, and social justice.
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